The documentary film "This is Titletown" showcases the city of Youngstown and the FIVE World Boxing Champions it has produced: Ray Mancini, Harry Arroyo, Jeff Lampkin, Greg Richardson, and Kelly Pavlik. A spotlight on the fighters’ journeys from amateurs to world champions -and beyond- the documentary will delve into the minds of these men , and [...more]

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Youngstowns World Champs

Ray Mancini [ Read More ]
WBA Lightweight Champion 1982-1984

Harry Arroyo [ Read More ]
IBF Lightweight Champion 1984-1985

Jeff Lampkin [ Read More ]
IBF Cruiserweight Champion 1990-1991

Greg Richardson [ Read More ]
WBC Bantamweight Champion 1991-1991

Kelly Pavlik [ Read More ]
WBC & WBO Middleweight Champion 2007-2010

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